Since the dawn of language and symbols mankind have tried to straighten out the world. Mr. Euclid taught us geometrics and soon enough the most mysterious of mountains would be reduced to a rectangle. It is a fascinating thing, the human intellect and how obsessed it is with understanding all, by nothing.

The fault of ideology, law and economics, society and state, is that it overlooks life and transforms the world into numbers and words. It creates a linear world in which we have to act, do stuff to, in order to create the stability our own logic demands. But the world is happening of itself. Its happening all around us. 

I am part of this. I am, as it were, one of the cells in this tremendous brain, which I can’t understand, because the part cannot comprehend the whole. And yet, at the same time, I don’t feel like so many people seem to feel, that I am a foreigner or a stranger in this world.

Society in its current form is an escape from nature and emotion, dressed up as an ideology of natural freedom. But one can not achieve freedom by being separated from a world we are all part of. In the same way, ideologies in search of reducing the individual to something understod by everybody else can only fail due to complexity of each form of life.

All cells, and the world around us, is still far more complex then we can comprehend. By trying to sorting it out we are only causing an unnecessary mess.  


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